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Driving technology-enabled transformation to meet customer needs in a digital world

by Divya Thadani, General Manager, PPG Services

Driving technology-enabled transformation to meet customer needs in a digital world

Anyone who has traded in their Blockbuster card for a Netflix subscription or dusted off an old camcorder for a smartphone with a dual-camera system has witnessed the disruption of industries and processes with a shift in business models enabled by technology. We "hail cabs" on our smartphones and manage household groceries by simply voicing, “Alexa, add milk to my Whole Foods cart.” Those industries that adapt to take advantage of business models that keep pace with changing customer demands will live to see another generation; those that refuse to embrace disruption may be in trouble in the coming years.

In the paints and coatings industry, we have seen a shift in customer buying behavior when it comes to facility maintenance. Retailers and national customers are more frequently procuring services centrally on a national level in an effort to streamline their processes and help with planning and budget allocation for the future. In a nutshell - they are freeing up time and money spent on executing facility maintenance projects by focusing on the immediate needs of their customers. 

Enter PPG Services

The painting industry is one that has yet to progress from very traditional models, which means that there is immense opportunity to innovate with technology. Facilities managers at national businesses with multiple locations pick up the phone and make calls to contractors across the country to find crews to cover all store locations, juggle multiple work orders, and manage through inconsistencies in pricing and scheduling, followed by product application and brand standards. Tracking project statuses is difficult, making budgeting and cost management nearly impossible.

As a 135-year-old company and industry leader, PPG must focus on the future, collaborating with customers to deliver turnkey solutions to meet their changing needs with agility, ease and efficiency. In September 2019, we launched PPG Services to streamline project management and painting services for national businesses. This technology-driven model simplifies processes related to hiring painters on a national level. By integrating and centralizing each element of the painting process in one digitized platform, facility managers have better visibility into their projects than ever before. The PPG Services platform has enrolled hundreds of quality, certified painting contractors across the country who are matched to painting projects based on location, availability and specialty through one cohesive solution.

Creating Mutual Value

The PPG Services platform creates value for all stakeholders - not just national customers. While we are relieving national customers of laborious project management, we also enable painting contractors to “spend more time painting” by generating incremental business opportunities with little to no overhead costs.

Unlike lead generation platforms, PPG Services matches painters with jobs in their local area and all paint ordering is handled prior to their arrival at a job site. The PPG Services team manages marketing, estimating, project management and client onboarding tasks, offering consistency, efficiency, speed and savings.

The Bigger Picture

This is only the beginning. We have witnessed many traditional industries revolutionizing their processes to become more tech-enabled to meet the needs of a dynamic market.  In order to exceed ever-increasing customer expectations in a digital world, businesses must understand how their customer experience compares with leaders in other sectors; foreshadow what their customers will expect in the future; and have clear plans to exceed their expectations. At PPG, we are committed to leading the evolution of the paints and coatings industry with new, innovative solutions that create value for our customers, our partners and our company.

Follow this link to find out more about PPG Services and how we can help you.

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Divya Thadani

Divya Thadani

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