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Amy Ericson: Amplify your influence at work

by Amy Ericson, Senior Vice President, Packaging Coatings, Specialty Coatings & Materials, and Corporate Strategy

Amy Ericson: Amplify your influence at work
What career advice would you give to women to advance their careers? 
First, always build credibility. People need to know that they can trust what you say and trust what you do. And credibility starts with building expertise. Why?  Because what you own is yours to own and while you can’t be an expert in everything, you can be an expert in whatever it is that you own.  Your credibility will get solidified when you deliver results and expertise is the way you get there.

Next, broaden your network. You can’t know everything, but you can find those experts who can help you and help you learn all the dimensions of your company.   

Finally, take on new experiences, even if those experiences are out of your comfort zone. Be bold. Transition through different parts of the company and if you’re curious about why customers buy your company’s products, talk to sales or marketing.  You’ll learn so much more about the company and grow your network of experts in the process.
What would you tell women seeking to improve work/life balance?
Always make time for yourself and the people in your life who you care about.  The single most important decision you will make in life is who you choose to spend it with.  I chose my husband for a lot of reasons, but not the least of which is that he’s a believer in me. He wants me to succeed. He has a high-powered job, too, and we’re very supportive of each other. Work/life balance takes a lot of work. It takes a good partner and I’ve always told my companies that my priority is home. 
What inspires me? 
We caught up with Amy who shared a bit about what inspires her…have a look...

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Amy Ericson

Amy Ericson

About the Author

Amy Ericson is a senior vice president at PPG, where she leads Packaging Coatings, Specialty Coatings and Materials, and overall corporate strategy.

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